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Corporate Wellness

“You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.”
Jon Kabat-Zin
Putting Mindfulness to Work


Hanna creates mindfulness programs tailored to fit your organization's personality and needs. These custom packages are based on your goals and workday limitations, and can be structured as one-time events, or ongoing series meeting weekly, monthly or quarterly.  The sessions are accessible to all, with no meditation interest or experience necessary. Participants find that the lessons are applicable to life in and out of the workplace, and leave them feeling calm and centered.

Pricing is dependent on the scope of programming. Please contact Hanna today for a free consultation:  

What make Mindfulness so great?

Improves listening, communication & relationship skills

Mindfulness skills promotes conflict resolution by seeing situations more clearly.

Mindfulness teaches people to listen with focus, and acknowledge their own reactions without judgment or blame. When people own their part in the dynamics of their relationships, dialogue becomes more productive and collaborative.  With mindfulness, communication can be more effective throughout all levels of your organization. 

Enhances focus & improves attention

Participants hone their ability to regulate the focus of their attention and concentrate more deeply, resulting in high performance & fewer errors.

Mindfulness awakens you to that

which is in front of you. Through mental training and practice of intentionally sustaining or shifting attention, it improves concentration and creates a habit of staying focused.

Reduces stress and promotes health & well-being 

Mindfulness increases stress resilience and neuroplasticity, and supports the parasympathetic nervous system.

Mindfulness training produces measurable changes to the areas of the brain fostering stress resilience, emotional-regulation and enhanced executive functioning. These work together to calm the body systemically and promote health and rejuvenation. People are happier!

Improves decision making & reduces reactivity

Practicing mindfulness allows for clear perspectives and innovative solutions to problems.

When you remain in the present moment, you cultivate awareness with objectivity and a healthy distance. This allows you to look at challenges with fresh eyes and brainstorm new and creative solutions. As problems evolve, mindfulness helps you pivot seamlessly, and move forward.



 "Having a comfortable and consistent space to show up weekly has really transformed my mind's space and my weeks. Not only does Hanna offer the most wonderful meditations and mindfulness teachings, she also facilitates a powerful and reliable space to show up to during work. I know I can show up as I am and leave a little more mindful and grounded by the end of our 30 minutes together. Having this space to show up to has really helped me through stressful days and weeks at work. Some days start out rough and unfocused until I sit in on Hanna's mindfulness courses. After those magical 30 minutes, I am better able to return to work with acceptance of things as they are and a stronger more focused work ethic"

-Ange-Elise, Convoy, Inc Team Member

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