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Self-Compassion Journal
First-Time Moms

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Nurture self-compassion and confidence as you enter motherhood

Becoming a mom is a huge moment of transformation. It comes with joy and wonder, as well as worries and questions. The Self-Compassion Journal for First-Time Moms supports moms through all the ups and downs, with inspiring writing prompts and affirmations that encourage optimism and self-love. Find reassurance for uncertain moments and simple ways to be gentle with yourself as you grow and change as a parent.

  • Made for new moms―This journal is designed to help navigate the new and unfamiliar thoughts and feelings that often come with having your first child.

  • Tackle challenges with ease―Learn how to be a good role model for your child by using self-compassion to manage tough times with grace, poise, and forgiveness.

  • Find the strategies that work for you―Uncover what inspires your self-compassion through journal entries, activities, empowering quotes, and more.


Practice being kind to yourself on your parenthood journey with this radical self-love journal.

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